SILCOAT Baking Pan Release Oil is a silicone oil / water emulsion that complies with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EEC (European Economic Community) requirements for food use. It is a water soluble, non-gumming carbon-free release agent.


  • SAVES MONEY – recommended application is 1-2 grams per pan.
  • NO CARBON BUILD UP – means reduced oven temperatures which saves on electricity costs.
  • CLEANER BAKING ENVIRONMENT – SILCOAT, being water-based, is easily wiped off surfaces and leaves no sticky residue. Staff take pride in their cleaner working conditions.
SILCOAT PAN RELEASE EMULSION retails in 25 litre containers.
Silcoat drums


To further save costs SILCOAT is available in a 20 litre Concentrate. With the aid of our custom built Re-Mixer, a 20 litre bucket of SILCOAT CONCENTRATE is added to 100 litres of water, making 120 litres of final product. Please contact us for a quotation and instructions for use.

SILCOAT CONCENTRATE has proved invaluable for our clients based out of the Western Cape as transport costs are reduced by up to 80%.

Concentrate Mixer Assembling Manual
Concentrate Mixer Assembling Manual
Concentrate Mixing Manual
Concentrate Mixing Manual